May 26, 2016 Episode 11: Nerd News and Cons

Welcome to the Jungle! This episode is jam packed, so hold onto your jiggawatts!

The first half of the show we hit the highlights

1. The Assassin's Creed trailer
2. The new Ghostbusters trailer
3. Kris brings the realness about Oliva Munn
4. The possibility of Kingpin moving to the big screen
5. The ladies of DC getting their own film
6. Supergirl moving to the CW
7. Pokemon Go beta signup
8. Steam Summer Sale
9. RIP Darwyn Cooke
10. Jon from the Dork of All Trades podcast sent us some mail
11. Santa Fe Comic Con learns about the cosplay community and social media
12. NYCC's fan verification

Then in the 2nd hour, We get into cons, our own adventures in con-going, and having our first con booth at Yellow City Comic Con.

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